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"The dance floor provides an important focal point to any event and is a detail not to be overlooked.  It is where your guests come together and celebrate, where important photos are taken, and lasting memories are made.  We will provide you with the perfect floor to accentuate your motif and elevate the event."

**Featuring our electronic LED Dance Floor!**

Electronic FLOORs

 Looking for something to take your event to the next level?  Well, look no further.  You have found our light-up LED floor!  Get everyone out onto the floor and turn any dance party into a high energy club experience. 

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LED Dance Floor


Worth the upgrade, this floor adds an extra element of fun for all of your guests and gets even the most stubborn of folks out on the dance floor.  Make your first dance special with the star-light mode, as you and your partner can be surrounded by loved ones dancing above twinkling stars! 

Our floors can be manually controlled to set the speed and brightness of the lights, or can be set to respond to the sound of the music. There are millions of color options and the floor doubles as a lighting rig!


 **Our floor technician will be onsite during your event and can program the floor to your needs.**

**Proudly made in the USA**

Floor Size        16' x 16'        16' x 12'        12' x 12'

 Party Size                      110 - 135                       80 - 110                          60 - 80



Same details as our LED Dance Floor, but transform a square dance floor into a runway up to 32' long.  Upgrade your fashion show with an exciting catwalk! 


Use our LED panels to accentuate any large object or statue.  Can be configured into many sizes and shapes to accommodate your individual needs. 

**Subflooring is needed for any outdoor event. See subflooring pricing on our Rates page.**